The Body Shop Haul

Monday, 15 June 2015

Recently I went to the Body Shop and picked ups few things. The Body Shop is one of my favourite stores for all things beauty and skin care. Their products are realIy great quality and if you haven't been yet I would highly recommend you go. I was running low on some of their products so I decided to replenish my shelf and try some new ones.

The tea tree line is one of my favourite sections in the store. This cool and creamy face wash had been recommend to me by one of the workers at the store. I have tried this out and have to say its absolutely amazing. When you take this off,  your face feels so nice afterwords and its really quite refreshing and leaves your face with a cooling sensation.

Tea tree BB cream works great and good for any spots that you may want to cover up. This BB Cream comes in three different shades, Light 01, Medium 02 and Dark 03. I Went for the 01 shade as it works good with my skin tone.

I had a travel size of this product before but just had to get the larger size. Vitamin E moisture cream is the best for anyone with dry skin but its also great for all skin types. You can put it on before your makeup or if you need a bit of moisture though out the day. This cream also will make you have healthy looking appearance.

Next I purchased a couple of lip glosses. You can never have enough. Plus these shades would be perfect to add to any collection.

Lastly I just had to get more of this lip and chick stain. Its perfect for everyday and lasts on your lips. I mostly ever use it on my lips but you can also dab a bit on your cheek and rub it in.

I hope you enjoyed this body shop haul. Leave what are your favourite products or recommendations from the body shop in the comments below. I hope you have a great rest of your day/evening.


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