Day 1-7 I Photo Challenge

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

My pictures from the first week of the photo challenge.

Day 1: Blue

Day 2: Chocolate

Day 3: Beauty

Day 4: Polka Dots

Day 5: Books

Extra bonus points for you if you know what movie this is from.

Day 6: Nails

Day 7:  Bows

Always Smile xx

Blog updates + Photo Challenge

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Hey Guys!

Before it's December 1st here I should probably tell you a few things. First off I will be changing my blog design, kinda. I will be changing my name colour, and adding a few feature here and there. So look forward to that. I'm really excited about it. Secondly I would like to apologise for the lack of blog posts recently and well pretty much all of them. I will however change my ways and make blog posts more frequent (I can only try that is). So bare with me on this one. Also if you are not following my blog or getting emails when there is a new post I recommend you to do so because there are loads of amazing pictures coming your way. 
Let me explain, in the month of December I will be sharing a Photo challenge that you can also take part in to and if you don't know what it is, there basically is a theme for each day of the month to follow. So grab out your camera and join in if you want. Be as creative as you wish and just have fun with it. If you do be sure to tag me @PurpleBlossom01 with the hashtag #kbphotochallenge. I would love to see them and will retweet/fav some. You can start at any day and join in when you want.


Once again it is the next day. Oops  
Always Smile xx

Halloween | Pranks\Jokes

Monday, 28 October 2013

Hey Guys!

Its less then a week away from Halloween, so why not do a blog on how to scare people. I always like to scare people, its fun and gives people around them a good laugh. Also i'll throw in some jokes to spice up your day. Lets start. BOO! Did I scare you, no, okay.


Why do witches fly around on broomsticks?
                                                      Because vacuum cleaners are too heavy!

Knock Knock
Who's there?
 Witch who?
Witch one of you can fix my broomstick?

What do ghosts serve for dessert?
Ice scream!


1) If you don't mind the cold on Halloween, dress up in an costume with mask. Crazier the better and then stand still outside. When people come to your house they will think that it's just a decoration and some trick or treaters might take picture with it. Right when they are about to take the picture, start to move. It will freak them right out. It sure made me jump or you know what, if they don't take a picture just follow them to the door. 

2) Classic leafs in a hole. Fill up a hole in your yard with leafs and watch as they fall, but then help them get back up of course. :)

3) Handing out candy on Halloween? Dress up in a costume, open door and candy bag. Then say "trick or treat" (try your best not to laugh) as if you get candy from them. After stare at them and look confused.

There you have it, some jokes and pranks for great laughs and loads of fun. 
Happy Halloween and be safe!

Smile always and care for others xx

Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, 14 October 2013

Hey Guys!

Well hello there, glad to see you, I mean hear you. Umm... that's not right either. Glad you came and checked out my blog. Yep much better. Happy Thanksgiving to you all. What are you thankful for? I get asked this question almost ever Thanksgiving at the dinner table, and honesty its super hard to answer. This is mostly because I never really take time to really think how luckily and grateful I really am. 

 Lets break it down, meaning what makes you thankful for what you have. Being thankful is thinking about all the positive things in life you have, or where you are, ect.. because not everyone has what you have. Many times we may over look on what we have and to the point where we expect it, like fresh water, shelter, or even this device that your parents or you have money to buy it. What if its all taken away tomorrow no money, no food, no shelter, no electricity, no fresh water, no nothing. Its very unlikely, but just think about it, take a moment and just think. Done thinking and well we still have something to be thankful for, we all do. For example having eyes to see, ears to hear, feet to walk or being able to read. 

Below are some videos that I found, in which applies to this topic.

 This year in July Hamed Al-Raisi and Jacinda Short made a video where they asked people near Massey University what they are thankful for? Some gave pretty interesting responses in the video Here 
 Another video I found Here
 So just remember... 
 There is always, always, always something to be thankful for. 
 For me I am thankful for my family. 

 Smile always and care for others xx

Music Monday's

Monday, 30 September 2013

Hey Guys!

Today is Monday, so I decided to share some music to cheer you up and get rid of any Monday blues you might have.  The music below is my favourite song ATM. I also asked you guys what your favourite songs are, so I randomly choose some and listed them below. Enjoy!

Favourite songs by Glimmer, 1D Boutique, GiGi, and Sweet and Sassy 

Smile always and care for others xx

How To Accomplish Perfect Nails

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Hello, Guys!

Today I will be sharing with you steps on how to accomplish perfect nails. Whether you are going to school, an event, staying at home or even want pretty nails for that cute guy in your neighbor hood to see, those steps below will show you how. Okay let's get started the first thing you want to do is make sure your nails are nice and clean to do this here are steps to do that below. 


Put your nails under some warm soapy water for about 3 mins. When you do this use a nail cleaner or you can use a clean toothbrush to clean under your nail. 


While your nails are still WET, cut them with nails clippers as they are weaker and easier to cut when wet.


After cutting, simple dry them with a towel and you can start to file. Filing your nails when there wet can damage your nails and as you know from reading above they are weak. Weak nails causes them to break easily (nobody wants that). 


This is where you can add, if you want your favourite nail products for your cuticle and such. 


Once you finish that you can go on to the next part, probably everyone's favourite step of all PAINTING! Time to pick out a pretty colour for September. Where I an it's still sort of summer so I will be using my light purple polish by OPI but you can use what ever you like . 

If you are in a design mood and would like to do a design instead, cutepolish on YouTube is perfect. I have been watching her videos for a couple years now (i think) and her designs and videos just keep getting better. I will leave you with one of my favourite designs 
-> Here , Here and Here 
There's to many great ones to only put one.
Well that's it, 5 easy steps to have amazing nails. It doesn't get easier them that.

Question of the blog; When was the last time you painted your nails?

Smile always and care for others xx

DIY Perler Beads Heart!

Friday, 30 August 2013

Hey Guys!

Today I will be sharing with you a DIY craft that is so simple that your whole family can join in and have a blast in the process called Perler Beads. Perler Beads is a bead that you place on a peg board, make a design and iron to have a cool looking creation. On the Perler beads website there are many different project ideas for ages 4 all the way to teens and beyond. There are also products to buy on the site which can also be found at a local craft store. During the summer I find myself spending hours with my friends and family making cute little bead creations one of which is in this DIY post. 

Lets get started:
First thing I like to do before hand is search images of what other people made and get inspiration from them. Once I found one or made one up myself  I pick out a peg board I would like to use.
I will be using the heart peg board.

Step 2: Find all the colours that you think you will need. Its easy and time saving to find them first.

My colors I used. U like? 

Step 3: Start adding on the beads.
I start on the outside and fill in the inside.

My completed look. What do u think? Time to iron.

Step:4 Iron the Perler Beads.
Carefully place your completed design to the iron board. You don't want your creation to fall apart. I sure learned my lesson. :) Then cover your design with ironing paper provided in your Perler Beads kit or you can just use parchment paper, works just fine too. Iron is circular motions for about 30 seconds on both sides.

Step:5 Finishing look.
What I like to do before I say "ok its done" is place your design in this case a heart under a book for a few minutes to let it cool off and be flat. If  your Perler Bead art does not get flattened it might be a bit wavy and not be completely flat.

Other hearts I made...I got a little pile going on here. haha

If you  make any perler beads designs be sure to tweet me @PurpleBlossom01 with the hashtag #perlerart because I would love to see them.

Smile always xx

Left-Hander's Day!!

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Hey Guys, 

 Happy National left-Hander's Day everyone. Today Aug 13 is Left-Hander's Day and to celebrate I will be sharing with you some facts about leftys. But first I should tell you a bit about this day and why you should care (or pretend to care at least pls). It all started in 1992 where a group of people created this day to tell the world that hey us leftys here are important to. Also probably 90% of you reading this is right-handed. I am left-handed and many of you probably don't know this but your home you are living in right now was most likely built for right-hander's. Which is part of the reason why this day came to be; to make more people to be aware of all us leftys living in a right-hander's world. Instead of just saying Happy Left-Hander's Day around the world in some locations there are events, such as left handed sports and even in the UK they have left-handed tea party's. 
 Now to the facts... Pros and Cons
 -Tends to draw images and pictures that face to the right
. -Prince William is left-handed
 - Are right brained, which means they are more creative and its easy to remember images and patterns rather then words


   - It's easier to be underwater with your eyes open
 -Better at multitasking


   -Have a higher possibly to have dyslexia
  -More likely to get allergies
 Silly as this may or may not sound it is a day that I remember ever single year around the month of August. 
 By the end of writing this post I realised that it is now Aug 14...sorry the time got the best of me.
  If you want and are still reading this write in the comments how many times I have wrote lefty/left in this post. 


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