Tuesday, 4 February 2014


Welcome to my blog, my name is Kayla and I had this blog for 4 or 5 months now but, I thought I should introduce myself. I don't post often on this blog but hopefully soon that will change. I can't promise you anything though I procrastinate a lot. To the point where I should be called a procrastinator pro. I mainly started this blog because I was bored to be honest, however after having this blog for a little while I realised I love sharing my interests, thoughts and experiences to the internet rather then keeping them to myself in a journal. In the mix of it all I could possibly even enhance my writing skills cause let's get real hear I spend so much time using texting slang that at times forget basic English writing. It's fun to use letters instead of words it makes life so much easy but it's really quite embarrassing when I get your and you're mixed up.

Its a new beginning to this blog, I guess you can called it that with the new name and layout. What's next, I'm not quite sure, more posts and not waiting a whole month for the next one. I very much enjoy photography and taking pictures. I also love to make DIY projects in my spare time and travel the world if I get to opportunity to do so.

Besides from writing about lifestyle related posts I will additionally write about photography, DIY posts and some on beauty. If this blog is a success I might even start my own YouTube channel. I watch a lot of YouTubers and they really inspire me to want to film my own videos, and just enjoy life and make the best out of it. Maybe reading my posts even might inspire you to want to experience or do something new.

Oh just a quick side note I love to add a little phrase at the end of some posts sometimes just like the one below.

Never stop smiling xx

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