Left-Hander's Day!!

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Hey Guys, 

 Happy National left-Hander's Day everyone. Today Aug 13 is Left-Hander's Day and to celebrate I will be sharing with you some facts about leftys. But first I should tell you a bit about this day and why you should care (or pretend to care at least pls). It all started in 1992 where a group of people created this day to tell the world that hey us leftys here are important to. Also probably 90% of you reading this is right-handed. I am left-handed and many of you probably don't know this but your home you are living in right now was most likely built for right-hander's. Which is part of the reason why this day came to be; to make more people to be aware of all us leftys living in a right-hander's world. Instead of just saying Happy Left-Hander's Day around the world in some locations there are events, such as left handed sports and even in the UK they have left-handed tea party's. 
 Now to the facts... Pros and Cons
 -Tends to draw images and pictures that face to the right
. -Prince William is left-handed
 - Are right brained, which means they are more creative and its easy to remember images and patterns rather then words


   - It's easier to be underwater with your eyes open
 -Better at multitasking


   -Have a higher possibly to have dyslexia
  -More likely to get allergies
 Silly as this may or may not sound it is a day that I remember ever single year around the month of August. 
 By the end of writing this post I realised that it is now Aug 14...sorry the time got the best of me.
  If you want and are still reading this write in the comments how many times I have wrote lefty/left in this post. 



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