DIY Perler Beads Heart!

Friday, 30 August 2013

Hey Guys!

Today I will be sharing with you a DIY craft that is so simple that your whole family can join in and have a blast in the process called Perler Beads. Perler Beads is a bead that you place on a peg board, make a design and iron to have a cool looking creation. On the Perler beads website there are many different project ideas for ages 4 all the way to teens and beyond. There are also products to buy on the site which can also be found at a local craft store. During the summer I find myself spending hours with my friends and family making cute little bead creations one of which is in this DIY post. 

Lets get started:
First thing I like to do before hand is search images of what other people made and get inspiration from them. Once I found one or made one up myself  I pick out a peg board I would like to use.
I will be using the heart peg board.

Step 2: Find all the colours that you think you will need. Its easy and time saving to find them first.

My colors I used. U like? 

Step 3: Start adding on the beads.
I start on the outside and fill in the inside.

My completed look. What do u think? Time to iron.

Step:4 Iron the Perler Beads.
Carefully place your completed design to the iron board. You don't want your creation to fall apart. I sure learned my lesson. :) Then cover your design with ironing paper provided in your Perler Beads kit or you can just use parchment paper, works just fine too. Iron is circular motions for about 30 seconds on both sides.

Step:5 Finishing look.
What I like to do before I say "ok its done" is place your design in this case a heart under a book for a few minutes to let it cool off and be flat. If  your Perler Bead art does not get flattened it might be a bit wavy and not be completely flat.

Other hearts I made...I got a little pile going on here. haha

If you  make any perler beads designs be sure to tweet me @PurpleBlossom01 with the hashtag #perlerart because I would love to see them.

Smile always xx

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